Friday, May 20, 2011


On April 25th, I made these cute and yummy chocolate pops! Dairy Free, woohoo! Doesn't candy taste even better when it looks adorable?

The only two ingredients were Enjoy Life chocolate chips and Safflower oil. Enjoy Life chocolate chips are free of the top 9 allergens. I basically melt a bag or more of dairy free chocolate chips with about a Tablespoon of safflower oil. If you have a microwave or double boiler, you can use that to melt the chips. I don't have either. I just preheat my stove to 250 or 300 degrees, and mix chips with oil in a glass pyrex bowl. I heat them in the oven until the chocolate chips are about 2/3 melted, then stir until all of the chocolate chips are fully melted and you have a smooth consistency. You can substitute the safflower oil with whatever vegetable oil works best for you.

Molded them with stainless steel molds purchased from Here is the link to their stainless steel molds:

These are great for parties and special events! Enjoy!

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