Saturday, November 27, 2010

Allergen Awareness with Cosmetics and Skin Care Products

As you may already know from carefully scrutinizing food labels, it is just as important to read labels in beauty, skin care, and other household products.  Allergens frequently appear in the ingredient listing of soaps, lotions, lip gloss, eye cream, etc. 

After about 5 years of wearing minimal makeup, I have recently leaped into a cosmetic shopping frenzy.  The majority of my recent makeup purchases have been through because of the convenience of shopping online while the kids are in bed, and the usefulness of reading customer reviews and ingredient listings.  Please be aware that not all cosmetics have their ingredients listed.  And I have even come across a product or two that had incorrect ingredient information listed on the website.

Since many cosmetic products carry allergens, I try to read the labels as carefully as I can to keep our home free of milk, sesame, garlic, and egg. (I want to make sure I can safely kiss my kids on the cheek or give them a cuddly hug without them breaking out in hives or eczema.)  Many companies change ingredients without notification.  So even if I've purchased a product many times in the past, I usually try to remember to read the ingredient label each time I purchase.  

If I've made any errors below, feel free to send me a email.  Or if you would like to share info about cosmetics that have worked for you, feel free to post a helpful comment.  

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